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The Best AirPods Deals This Month 2024

Try not to miss the most recent deals! Track down the best arrangements and limits for the AirPods, AirPods Expert, and AirPods Max.

Apple's AirPods remote earphones offer a notable look, extraordinary comfort, areas of strength for and quality. They accompany a top notch sticker price, nonetheless, so it means a lot to look for a fair plan… or find a lot of tech specialists who'll do this for you. That is where we come in.

In this article, we gather together the best AirPods limits and pack arrangements to assist you with setting aside cash. We have the best costs on the third gen AirPods that were delivered in October 2021.

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The second gen AirPods Master that sent off in September 2022 as well as the refreshed second gen AirPods Ace with USB-C that sent off in September 2023, and the exceptional AirPods Max over-ear earphones from 2020. We've additionally got deal bargains on a few more established models, like the mid 2019 second-gen AirPods, where stock is as yet accessible.

Here are fast connects to the best arrangements; you'll track down more nitty gritty counsel and cost correlations for each model further down.


Amazon, AirPods (second gen): $89 ($40 off, MSRP $129) || Amazon, AirPods Star (second gen, USB-C): $190 ($60 off, MSRP $249) || Amazon, AirPods (third gen, wired case): $162 ($7 off, MSRP $169) || Amazon, AirPods Max: $519 ($40 off, MSRP $549)


At season of composing, there aren't any reserve funds to be had on Apple's AirPods in the U.K.; there were some right away before Christmas however these have now vanished. As a matter of fact, we'd encourage perusers to hold off on purchasing a bunch of AirPods, assuming that that is a choice, until respectable limits return.

You can check the robotized cost examination tables beneath to check whether any retailers have dropped their costs since we last refreshed this article.

How Much Do AirPods Cost?

A few changes were reported at Apple's September 2023 send off occasion, so ensure you're in the know regarding the most recent costs.

Apple AirPods Pro Vs. Regular AirPods: Specs, Price Compared

AirPods Max: $549 / £499 (was £549)

second gen AirPods Expert with USB-C (2023): $249/£229 (second gen AirPods Ace with Lightning was $249/£239)

third gen AirPods with Lightning (2021): $169/£169 (was £179) || third gen AirPods with MagSafe (2021): $179/£179 (was £189) || second gen AirPods (2019): $129/£129 (was £139)

You ought to never follow through on more than the cost above: we've seen deceitful retailers guarantee the MSRP/RRP is higher and figure out 'reserve funds' in light of that.

Make sure to consider conveyance and postage charges while assessing bargains; we remember it for our rundown of costs yet most retailers won't add it until you're at the checkout. Also, look out for bargains that appear to be unrealistic, yet end up having no stock. We see this a ton.

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Great AirPods bargains are uncommon and tend not to keep going long. On the off chance that you see one (and you're certain the provider is genuine: find it on TrustPilot in the event that you've not purchased from that point previously), get it.

Best AirPods Deals

Apple sells two arrangements of fundamental AirPods: the third gen model presented in 2021 and the second gen model from 2019. Best Purchase merits a search for a few beneficial reserve funds in the U.S., while U.K. clients can set aside a little cash across the reach. The first gen AirPods have for quite some time been suspended.

You can purchase direct from Apple, however you'll track down the best costs somewhere else in the robotized tables beneath.

AirPods (3rd gen, 2021, MagSafe) deals

AirPods (3rd gen, 2021, MagSafe) deals

Apple refreshed the super famous AirPods in October 2021, after a stand by of more than over two years. The new models highlight an all the more Favorable to like plan and a MagSafe-viable charging case; they additionally have further developed battery duration and water opposition, and backing for Spatial Sound. Get all the data you want in our AirPods 3 audit.

MSRP: $179 / £179 (was £189 in the U.K. prior to September 2023)

AirPods (3rd gen, 2021, Lightning) deals

There is likewise a less expensive variant of the AirPods third era with a case that must be charged by means of Lightning, as opposed to remotely.

AirPods (3rd gen, 2021, Lightning) deals

MSRP: $169 / £169 (was £179 in the U.K. until September 2023)

AirPods (2nd gen, 2019) Deals

Apple actually sells the more established adaptation of the AirPods. Note that this variant of the AirPods accompanies a Lightning charging case that should be connected, rather than the remote MagSafe charging case. (You can purchase a remote charging case independently, nonetheless.)

AirPods (2nd gen, 2019) Deals

Really look at the computerized table underneath for any arrangements that have sprung up since we last refreshed this article.

MSRP: $129 / £129 (U.K. price was £139 prior to September 2023)

Best AirPods Pro Deals

The AirPods Ace turned out in 2019, however a second gen variant was delivered in September 2022. As opposed to present the third era in 2023, Apple rather changed the second gen AirPods Master in 2023 to help USB-C for charging (counting charging by means of the iPhone 15) For some time both the Lightning and USB-C fueled AirPods.

Best AirPods Pro Deals

Ace will be at a bargain, so make certain to ensure you are getting the model you need. The examination tables underneath assemble the most reduced costs on the AirPods Ace first and second gen Lightning and second gen USB-C, so you should rest assured not to pass up any engaging arrangements.

AirPods Pro (2nd gen, 2023, USB-C) deals

This is the 2023 variant with USB-C charging. You can likewise utilize an iPhone 15 to charge the case.

MSRP: $249/£229

AirPods Expert (second gen, 2022, Lightning) bargains

This is the more established variant with a Lightning port for charging the case. You might in any case track down them on special.

MSRP was $249/£249

AirPods Pro (1st gen, 2019) deals

You might in any case find the first AirPods Genius marked down at a markdown ensure you factor in the event that they are renovated before you choose it's a decent rebate. Be that as it may, stock is beginning to run low. In the event that you don't see a cost examination table beneath, that implies there are no arrangements by any means in your district.

MSRP was $249 / £239

The AirPods Ace deal a snugger fit than the others since they have a decision of adaptable ear tips, and are really ready to let you know regardless of whether you've chosen the right tip.

Sound quality is respectable yet not excellent on the first and mid 2019 models; the 2021 AirPods are better, while the AirPods Star are a stage above thanks to some extent to their better fit and execution of dynamic commotion dropping.

What AirPods reliably show improvement over non-Apple earphones is coordinate with other Apple items, because of the W1 chip (in the 2016 model) and H1 chip (2019 and 2021) which makes matching with an iPhone a breeze.

Battery-wise, most non-Max AirPods will go on close to five hours, however that is not the finish of the story: they accompany a little accusing instance of its own bigger battery, so you can pop them back in for a speedy charge.

The case ought to offer an additional 24 hours (plus or minus) before it'll require charging. The 2021 AirPods, nonetheless, offer more in this division, with asserted figures of six hours out of the case and 30 hours altogether. We have some exhortation on getting better AirPods battery duration.

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Apple's 2019 AirPods can answer Hello Siri orders, charge remotely in the event that you decide on the Remote Charging Case, and proposition more talk time than the firsts. Those elements are kept in the 2021 models, with Spatial Sound and Versatile EQ included.

The AirPods Max are over-ear earphones and basically something else entirely to the remainder of the AirPods range. They are significantly more costly and a very surprising suggestion to the next AirPods.

Sound quality is generally viewed as remarkable, however it's begging to be proven wrong whether it's adequately excellent to legitimize that superior sticker price. Also, numerous analysts have called attention to that the case is strangely planned, considering that the one piece of the earphones that it doesn't safeguard the cross section headband-is the one that is generally defenseless against harm.