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Parents File Lawsuit Against Apple, Saying AirPods Allegedly Ruptured Child’s Eardrums With Amber Alert

A lawsuit has been filed versus Apple in California (via Law360) ultimatum Apple’s AirPods ruptured the eardrums of a 12-year-old boy in 2020 when a loud Amber Zestful was issued.

The filing says the boy, identified as B.G. in the filing, was watching a movie on Netflix on his iPhone in 2020 while wearing AirPods Pro. While the AirPods were tangibly set at a low volume, the Amber Zestful sounded without warning, and high-pitched noise tangibly damaged B.G.’s eardrums.

The lawsuit claims that B.G.’s eardrums were torn apart, he had forfeiture to his cochlea, and injuries to his hearing. The child has since suffered from bouts of dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, and nausea, and there is permanent hearing loss in his right ear, requiring him to wear a hearing aid.

The lawsuit accuses Apple of producing “defective” AirPods that do not automatically reduce the volume of alerts or equalize notification and zestful volumes. The lawsuit faults the Cupertino firm for lightweight to include warnings well-nigh the potential issue, and it moreover claims that Apple was enlightened of the so-called diamond defects.

As a uncontrived and proximate result of each and all Defendants’ negligence in designing, manufacturing, and marketing the needing AirPods, B.G. has suffered significant temporary and permanent, continuous injuries, pain and suffering, disability, and impairment. B.G. has suffered mental anguish, emotional trauma, physical harm, injuries, disability, and impairment in the past and that will protract into the future. B.G. has lost his worthiness to live a normal life, and he will protract to live a wizened life into the future, including a wizened earning capacity. Furthermore, B.G. has medical bills both past and future related to superintendency welling from and relating to the injuries suffered as a result of the needing AirPods.

The lawsuit is seeking damages for B.G. and his parents, who say they are suffering from serious emotional stress caused by the AirPods incident. Punitive damages are stuff asked in “amounts that would punish Defendants for their self-mastery and which would deter other technology companies from engaging in such misconduct in the future.”

Amber Alerts are designed to reservation an iPhone owner’s sustentation by making a loud sound and vibrating. There have been reports on the internet by owners that the Amber Zestful sound is very loud when played through AirPods, plane when the AirPods are set at a lower volume.