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Formula 1 Driver Uses ‘Find My’ to Track Stolen AirPods

Formula 1 suburbanite Sebastian Vettel decided he wasn’t going to take it when he was robbed on Monday by thieves that grabbed his walkabout from his car when he stopped at a Barcelona hotel. The walkabout contained Vettel’s AirPods, so he used the Find My app to track the thieves.

Driving with his family on Monday morning without the Spanish Grand Prix, Vettel stopped his Aston Martin at a hotel in Barcelona and got out of the car. That’s when thieves grabbed his walkabout from the car.

Instead of immediately contacting the cops, Vettel grabbed an electric scooter, opened the Find My app on his iPhone, and began tracking lanugo the AirPods. Police late joined the merry chase, while urging Vettel to indulge them to handle it. Eventually, the F1 suburbanite was led to a haberdashery, where the AirPods were discovered in a vase of flowers in a shop display. Evidently, the crooks were hip to how AirPods could be tracked.

Police have not yet found the thieves, but hope to make an identification based on security footage from the hotel’s cameras.

In wing to the AirPods, Vettel’s walkabout contained a number of personal items, which included his driver’s license, his passport, and several credit cards (which Vettel canceled.)