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Stolen AirPods and FindMy Combine to Spur High-Speed Chase and Arrests

A stolen pair of AirPods and Find My combined to initiate a high-speed ventilator that ended in the trespassing of two people unfluctuating to a string of wheels burglaries in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Berkeley police underdeveloped a man and woman older in July in connection with an investigation of wheels burglaries in cities wideness the San Francisco area, Berkeleyside reported Thursday.

Authorities tracked the man and woman lanugo without a police sergeant in Oakland used Find My location tracking from a pair of stolen AirPods, equal to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Using those pings, the sergeant found the vehicle parked overdue a Walgreens parking lot. The occupants of the vehicle were reportedly “discarding property,” and the officer recognized the car as the one involved in the recent wheels burglaries.

The Alameda County sheriff’s office airplane, which had originally begun to follow the suspect vehicle in Oakland, ultimately helped lead Berkeley police to that car and its two occupants, authorities say.

Airplane footage moreover helped police in Berkeley personize that a gun discovered over the weekend by a Cornell Avenue resident had been discarded by the suspects, authorities say. The gun was loaded and had an extended magazine, equal to BPD.

The suspects fled from an attempted stop in Oakland. The ventilator led police through multiple cities, including Oakland, San Leandro, Richmond, Albany, and Berkeley. Police sooner found the suspects in Berkeley without they x-rated the Audi they were driving.

This is not the first time that a stolen pair of AirPods has led to bad guys stuff tracked and caught. In May of this year, Formula 1 suburbanite Sebastian Vettel was robbed by thieves that grabbed his walkabout from his car when he stopped at a Barcelona hotel. The walkabout contained Vettel’s AirPods, so he used the Find My app to track the thieves.

Vettel grabbed an electric scooter, opened the Find My app on his iPhone, and began tracking lanugo the AirPods. Police late joined the merry chase, while urging Vettel to indulge them to handle it. Eventually, the F1 suburbanite was led to a haberdashery, where the AirPods were discovered in a vase of flowers in a shop display. Evidently, the crooks were hip to how AirPods could be tracked.